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Click the link for each video as instructed, each link contains a video which is important too the story line.


After his battered Sopwith camel landed he faints from a combination of exhaustion, possibly blood loss, he faintly remembers British troops pulling him out of the wreck, he wasn't awake for long, he passed out as soon as they had him on a stretcher, he woke up early the next morning in a hospital bed, the first person he saw was his nurse that was assigned to his care, not much taller than 5ft, she had long curly red hair... he noted that she seemed frustrated about something, she was taking notes on a clip board when he opened his eyes, so her attention wasn't completely on him. Richard rubbed his eyes and at his movements he finally got the nurses attention “well good morning dare devil... you are lucky to be alive!” she stated in a somewhat annoyed tone... “I don't believe in luck.” Richard responded while attempting to get out of the bed, and the nurse wasn't having any of it, as Richard applied pressure on his arm to get out of bed a sharp sting hit his shoulder “OUCH!” he yelled “that's exactly right ouch, now you get back in that bed right this instant! You just had a machine gun bullet pass through your lower shoulder, narrowly missed bone, you are lucky to be using that arm, now quit acting foolish and lay back down before you hurt yourself!” “I need to address my men!” he exclaimed, she simply huffed and rolled her eyes.
“I cannot just lie here in a bed, I have things to do, I have a squadron to command, my wings won't be clipped because of a stupid bullet hole!” Richard grumbled “you aren't going anywhere!” the nurse barked “this is where you stay if I have too strap you down, you go back up in the air and you will be dead, you have lost so much blood you are lucky to be alive, it will take at the least a week to recover enough to even bare flying!” she said waving her finger at Richard “a week is as long as I will wait, my wings are not going to be clipped!” “consider yourself lucky to be alive, let alone fly again Major!” she glared at him with her green eyes, a stare that could pierce the soul... “fine, ill lie down, but I want too know if my Wingmen are ok!” he said quietly in a tired voice “i shouldn't have gone up, I was exhausted, but I can't stand to see them go up without me, it just doesn't feel right, if I am tired so are they.” she shook her head “you fighter pilots... I don't understand you, well now you need to rest, you have no choice, now lie down.” she ordered “i am at a higher rank than you are to be giving me orders.” Richard stated boldly. “your life is important, rank means little to me at all... now please just lie down.” Richard did as she instructed him to do and lied there. “my name is Misses winters, you can also call me buy my first name Rose, if you wish too do so, now please stay and rest, if there is anything you need let me know.
The nurse walked away, Richard observed her a little more, she walked up to one of the other nurses and they began to talk. “you are so lucky.” said the other nurse in a excited manner “why?” “Because you get him as your patient, do you know who he is?” the younger nurse questioned “yes yes yes, the Ace Of Spades, Richard Fusion, high scoring ace and all that crap, you know I don't care, the more time I spend around fighter pilots the more I discover they are arrogant, hot headed, adrenaline junkies that get some sort of fix flying wood and canvas contraptions and shooting at each other with machine guns.” Rose complained “come on doesn't that sound exciting?” Richard could here the whole conversation “you have no idea what its like.” both nurses looked at him as he stared at them “neither of you have a clue do you?” he asked them bluntly. “have a clue?” asked rose. “those “wood canvas contraptions” could burst into flames while you are at a considerable altitude and all it takes is enough incendiary rounds in the same place, do you know what happens when a plane catches fire?” he asked them, “no.” the younger nurse responded, “you can burn alive with it all the way to the ground, you can jump out of it and plummet to your death, or you can shoot yourself in the side of the head, those are your options, when I just entered the air services that was my intention, excitement, adventure, freedom, but its not what any of us expected it to be, that's how they advertise it, they should really talk about how a pilot lasts a few weeks if they are lucky.” there was a long pause where they all looked at each other “i rest my case.” said rose throwing her arms up in the air, and Richard rolled his eyes and shook his head.
Despite for her apparent dislike for fighter pilots Rose took very good care of Richard, treated him very nicely but things still where interesting between Rose and Richard, later that afternoon it was time for Richards Meds “Major, its time for your medication.” “please call me Richard Miss, the whole rank thing doesn't really appeal.” he said politely “that's fine Richard, its time for your medication.” she said sweetly “whats it for?” “some is too help the pain, ones more for vitamins too help you body heal” “i don't need the pain killer.” he told her, trying too tough out the pain “Richard, I think it would be a good idea for you to have the pain killer.” she told him “no, its not necessary, these drugs make me feel groggy and slow.” she shook her head “i am going to force you to take it, you are in pain, there is no need for that, you need to relax.” “i don't need them he quickly replied.” “Richard Fusion, these medications are the difference between you flying sooner or later, take them!” Richard finally gave in and took the medications. After he had taken the medications the rest of the squadron that had returned and excited with the news Richard was ok they ran too the hospital wing where he had stayed, the next thing Rose knew men started filling his hospital room patting him and shaking his hand “I am so glad to see at least you are alive!” David said with joy, “How are you boys holding up, where is Christopher?” “We are fine Ace, but Christopher was downed buy that Fokker pilot as well, but pipsqueek here downed him!” David punched him in the shoulder just hard enough too make him move a little “Well done Ted, you have earned your stripe!” Richard told the newbie pilot, the pilot blushed “But sir, I have only 3 air kills!” “Young man, that pilot was no armature, and you took him down, it takes a  Ace too down another Ace, and just call me Richard or Dick or Ace, I don't want to be called sir.” the pilot nodded “you are among friends here, you don't need to be all official and all that garbage.” he looked at the rest of them “i want a full orange stripe on his plane buy the next mission, do you all agree with this?” he asked, they all agreed “you just owe us two more air kills!” josh said with a smile.
Suddenly nurse Rose bursted in “i am sorry to interrupt but you need to let him rest if you want him back in the air soon.” “Rose its just for a moment let the boys be.” she shook her head “fine fine...” she said cross storming away. “she is right, I need to get some rest and heal I suppose.” then walked in the general “Fusion, boy am I glad to see you!” he said “Yes sir, glad to be alive, have you heard anything about Christopher?” Richard asked “we located his damage aircraft, but he was not found with it, he is out there somewhere...” “Good, he is on way home, he is a smart man he will figure it out.” Richard commented “what exactly happened fusion?” “Well you see I should have stayed home and rested, I was so exhausted the only thing keeping me alert, for the most part... was the Adrenalin of the fight, I lost focus and my camel got shot up pretty badly, it lost a lot of its performance and I kind of lost focus, a Fokker DR-1 came up behind and put some rounds in me, a few hit the engine, and one hit my shoulder.” Richard replied “good to see you alive, Nurse Rose will be taking care of you for however long, knowing your stubborn nature Fusion, I am going to tell you something, you need to listen too her and you will, what she says goes, do I make myself clear Major?” he said with a straight face, richard was frustrated at this point but had no choice “i understand sir, but I would like to request a flight within a week, we where ambushed buy them, way out numbered, we need to get them back!” “We will see Fusion.” he replied.
“Now boys, I need to rest, if Christopher comes back within the time I am not airborne I want to see him, I suppose my wings are clipped for now, what happened to my Plane?” he asked “we are fixing you up a new one, paint and all!” Josh responded “Good, now I will rest, off you go men.” they all nodded and left the room quietly.” the nurse walked back in one of the men where playing with some tweezers, she took the tweezers from him and slapped his hand, this surprised Richard. “Don't play with these, these are for surgical use, not for your enjoyment.” “Take it easy on my boys!” Richard barked, Rose simply glared at him, “Do as you are told, please put the tweezers down.” Richard told the young man, and he did as instructed. Nurse Rose wasn't pleased with his reaction, and for quite a while wouldn't talk too Richard, as time went on Richard was thirsty and went to get a drink of water, this didn't please Nurse Rose either. “what are you doing Richard?” she asked him patiently “getting a drink.” he said “lie down, I will get you a drink of water.” she told him “I am a grown man I can get myself a drink of water.” everything Richard seemed to do appeared too frustrate Rose, suddenly rose grabs him buy the ear and pulls him into the bed. “you need to learn too stop beating yourself up, listen too me, the more you listen the faster you will be back in the air doing whatever you do.” Richard simply smiled, she finished yelling at him and began to walk away “now what would you like to drink?” she asked him “i was going to get water, what do you have?” “i have and coffee as well.” she told him “well then coffee please!” he requested, she went and made him some coffee and brought it too him, he sat patiently, this pleased Rose “now isn't this much better, you are relaxing and you will heal much faster this way, using your shoulder too much could slow the healing process.” she said nicely, while Richard would cooperate she was sweet as sugar, but the moment he wouldn't he would get a scolding. “You remind me of my mother.” rose looked at him puzzled “why?” she asked “you tell me what you think, and you don't hold it back, I like it.” he told her with a smile, she simply looked at him puzzled “i just got done pulling you buy your ear into the bed, and you liked it?” she asked “well that part was rather painful, but I like your character, you are firm when you need to be, and sweet when its necessary...” “Most of the men here think I am a bitch.” she told him, and he laughed “with a stubborn man like me its necessary I suppose, you are not a bitch and if any of my men tell you that you tell me, I will not tolerate that, my men aren't little boys they will learn to respect a woman if I have to beat that into them.” she smiled “well that shows, the worst your boys do is get in the way a little and play with my equipment.” Richard nodded, Rose poured him a cup of coffee and handed it too him “thank you.” he replied “now once again, isn't this much better?” Richard smiled, her sweetness was very welcoming too him.
Richard lied in bed for the first few days then got on his feet and began walking around, Rose allowed this, within little time at all Richard could move his shoulder without excruciating pain, and was walking around base giving advice too new pilots, and planning his upcoming offensive, Christopher was recovered but also suffered injuries and couldn't fly yet, Richard also began spending more and more time with the Nurse, and the men began too notice something, Richard went too the bar with them to have a drink, Christoper was there with them “So while my leg heals and we have been on the ground I have noticed something, you are taking a shine too that nurse!” he said poking fun at him “horse shit.” he replied, David laughed at him “we aren't fooled Ace, you have been following that woman around like love sick puppy dog, you like her, admit it!” “Ace always says he likes the woman with fire red hair, and fiery spirits.” Josh jokingly added “ooh shut up.” Richard said taking a drink blushing. “won't be much longer and he will be giving the girl flowers.” Richard simply shook his head at his friend Christopher remark. “Ace there is nothing wrong with it, talk too the girl, she can only say no.” Richard shook his head again “Alright alright, fine I admit it I like her, she has the right attitude and yes the red hair, and a nice curvy figure, but come on boys really, she is my nurse, we aren't in school anymore men, we are professionals, we have to act like them, how professional would it look if I am taking my nurse to dinners and sneaking kisses?” there was a long pause for a few seconds as the men thought it over, but Christopher gave it little thought for long “Who gives a damn what others think Richard.” after swallowing his beer and putting it down.
Meanwhile at the exact same time Rose is walking too the bar with her friends and they are giving her the same song and dance “it looks like Ace fancies you!” a British nurse tells her. “I am not dating a patient, the answer is no!” she says boldly as she walks up too the door. “come on Rose, you treat him so sweetly, we can tell you like him, spill it!” she opens the door and ignores her friends only too find Richard drinking with the other guys, Christopher immediately spots her and pokes his shoulder and gestures towards her “Stop it!” Richard barks, and the other guys snicker under there breath at Richards reaction. Rose walks up too them with a straight look on her face and looks at all of them “Its not a good idea to drink when you are still healing Richard.” he simply grins “Its alright rose, ill have a single beer and ill stop.” the guys laugh knowing how much he likes his beer, which only makes Rose frustrated “you three will make sure he stops drinking at one!” they all smile at her “you are all stubborn just like him aren't you..?” “birds of a feather flock together sweetheart.” Richard told Rose, she raised her eyebrow and stared at him, “you called me sweetheart.” “I call a lot of girls sweetheart, it really means nothing.” Christopher snickers at Richards sly comment, “Bullshit.” David says bluntly taking a puff off of his cigar... “you are my nurse, I am your patient, this is too remain professional.” he said staring at her “agreed.” rose said with a smile and stared at him with the stare of death “one... beer...” pointing at the beer “one...” Richard said and the guys all shook there head, David then gestured as if too crack a whip, while making a whip cracking noise “Hush david.” Richard says finishing his beer “so is that your last one?” David asks “get me a shot of whiskey...” Richard asks him “coming right up.”
While the joking goes on with the Gentleman, and David gets Richard a shot of whiskey Rose and her fellow nurse friends sit down to have a bite too eat, “you fancy him, admit it.” the British nurse goes on, Rose simply shakes her head “No I don't...” “yes you do...” she goes on again, and Rose sighs... putting her drink down after taking a drink gently “Fine I like him now shut up about it.” “why?” her friend asks cheekily “stop talking about it.” “nope, you fancy him and you are going to get it out, no sense of trying to deny or contain what you feel.” she said with a sly grin... “he likes you too I can tell!” she said “yes I know the man is a open book at times, tries too act mysterious but fails utterly, but I want too stay professional.” she says “come on then, just tell us why you like him, you will feel better.” she says “fine, if it will all shut you up and you will leave me alone, I've kind of grown to like him for just who he is, its kind of... cute... the way he acts stubborn around me, I swear he does it too flirt with me at times, I like how he takes care of his men, and how he conducts himself, he seems to just be a man of integrity, a man of god too, though a little rough around the edges, I like it...” she looks at him and immediately notices him drinking a shot and rolls her eyes “I'm too tired to bark at him right now.” she says taking a bite of her food. “but he is my patient, I am his nurse, this is to stay professional and I don't want it going anywhere ells.” Richard finishes his shot and notices she was watching the whole time, the rest of the guys notice him looking her direction, he winks at her with a sideways grin “you said one beer,  you said nothing about whiskey...” he calls across the bar, she simply looks down and smiles and shakes her head at Richards smart allic comment. “that is enough for tonight for me boys...” he says, turning his shot glass upside down.
A week and a half later Richard goes to Rose with his flight suit on, he walks into his hospital room where she is, “i am flying today, I would like you to be there in case of a accident.” he told her with a grin on his face standing proudly in his suit. “i suppose I am not stopping you from flying am I?” she asks “no most certainly not, I can only have my wings clipped for so long.” “fine, let me gather my things...” she said with a sigh, Richard drives her out too the airfield in a car up too his airplane, and begins inspecting it, he walks up too the ground crew “well done, it looks and is set up just like the old one...” he climbs in the camel and begins starting procedures, he then looks at rose with a smile “you may want to stand back a little and plug your ears if you don't want to get covered in castor oil!” she made a puzzled face “why wold I get covered in Castor oil?” she asks “you know how a engine uses oil... well this doesn't use Motor oil, this engine uses Castor oil instead, and it has a all loss oil system, it does not cycle the oil, it dumps it out the engine as it runs, so oil goes everywhere... that is why my jacket and my goggles and cap get soaked in it...” “Castor oil is a laxative...” she points out “that's what I use on patients if they experience constipation!” Richard nodded... “and that's why I use a face mask that covers my mouth and nose, because if you breath too much of this stuff in you will have the craps for days, now please get back or you will too!” he said, next to him was Christopher, he was going to do some training exercises, maneuvers, David and Josh where there too watch also, “i bet you a dollar he shows off!” David comments to josh smartly “I'm not betting anything, I know he will.” josh replies aloud “what are you guys talking about?” Rose asks them “nothing at all miss...” they say snickering, Richard who gets ear shot of the conversation glares at them. “Do you two ever keep quiet!?” He looks at Rose and she smiles at the antics and jokes...
Richard starts the plane and takes off with Christopher, Christopher and Richard first try formation flying, Richards pain in his shoulder is manageable at first, but Christopher leg aches horribly still, his twisted ankle and torn muscle still pains him, he signals too Richard that he is going to land and lands his Camel, Richard stays aloft, and begins practicing acrobatic maneuvers. Rose watches him perform sharp turns and barrel roles “told you he would show off!” David blurts out, Richard feels the need for more, his shoulder begins hurting more but he ignores the pain, gains altitude and dives sharply, at the bottom pulling a sharp loop, and then coming over the airfield his wheels nearly touching the ground passes all of them, the roar of the Rotary Piston engine hurts Roses ears, but she continues watching him perform maneuvers, as Richards shoulder begins too hurt more, as the pain becomes worse he brings the Sopwith Camel down for a landing, he stuck the landing but it was slightly rough, shuts the engine off rolling up too them and looks at them “how was that for a sore shoulder?” he asks the two “ask rose.” David snickers after making the comment and Christopher limps up too him. “splendid, sorry I couldn't stay up, I think your lady friend enjoyed your display quite well.” he said aloud for everyone too here. “Lady friend?” Richard asks Christopher unsure buy what he meant buy the comment. “yes... lady friend...” he says with a smirk on on his face. Richard climbs out of the airplane rubbing his shoulder “did we learn anything?” Rose asks Richard “Did you?” he asks her “that thing is a loud obnoxious messy contraption, that is exactly what I have learned today.” Richard shakes his head “i am going to take you flying in one of these “obnoxious contraptions” the issue you have is that you have never experienced the freedom and wonder of flight.” “your shoulder hurts doesn't it?” she asks Richard “only a little, I am sure everything is fine.” “ill be the judge of that, once you have gotten off that oil soaked outfit come see me.” Rose walks away and everyone looks at Richard “what are you all staring at me for?.” “show off.” josh says with a grin “oh horse dung.” Richard says taking off his scarf and cap and setting them in the aircraft.
Richard and Christopher finish removing the rest of there gear and a conversation sparks “just ask the girl to dinner and quit fooling around Richard, the way she bosses you around tells me she likes you too!” “I have said it once and I will say it again, she is my nurse, I am her patient, the relationship will remain professional.” Richard said bluntly “the more you spend time with her the more she will be on your mind, professional as your relationship with her may be, if you don't die I can almost assure you, you will have her in your arms soon enough, best get it over with Richard, she appears to be a good woman, seems to have her head screwed on straight, the reason she bosses you around so much is because she is concerned for your safety, any Mother or wife does the same.” “The answer is no Christopher, I am not going to make myself and my squadron look like a bunch of skirt chasers...” “fine suit yourself...” Christopher said limping out of the building. When Richard arrived at his hospital room Rose was waiting for him. “Hello Richard.” she said with a smile “please sit down on your bed and remove your shirt.” Richard did as instructed and Rose inspected his wound, she rubbed it lightly. “does this hurt?” she asked, but Richard wasn't paying attention, she was enjoying the gentle touch of her fingers on his shoulder “Richard...?” still he would not respond... “Richard!” she said a little louder “Sorry what did you say?” he asked her “what I was just doing to you, did it hurt?” “no, actually it was quite pleasant.” she moved her fingers closer too the wound and inspected it and cleaned it. “you need to limit your tom foolery as much as possible, its ok to fly now, but you cannot over stress this arm, do you use it when you fly?” she asked sweetly “yes, I use it for the control stick and sometimes cocking the guns...” she nodded “then you need to be careful when doing so or you will slow down the healing process, like I said, the more careful you are the shorter time it takes for it too heal, but perhaps using it a little will allow it too heal faster.” she gave him some medications “OK I am finished, you may go now, remember what I told you, limit the use of that arm, her gentle touch had him in a daze... “you can leave now if you like Richard.” she said sweetly. “actually I was wondering...” richard paused “wondering what?” Rose quickly asked “never mind, thank you rose, I will be back when I need to take those silly medications again.”

Rose was doing paper work and there was a Knock at the door, she answered it and Christopher was waiting for her patiently “Christopher, please come in.” “Good afternoon Miss winters.” he said politely “you can call me rose if you like, but Miss winters is OK.” “I hope you don't mind, but I have something I would like to discuss with you.” Rose paused staring at him “yes...?” she asked “Its about Richard.” Rose nodded in reply “What about Richard?” before he could even get a word in “Is he using his arm too much like I told him not too, fooling around?” she asked sternly.. “No mam not at all, this is hard for me to get around.” “well just spit it out.” she said with a smile “He likes you!” she paused for a second, and nodded “i know he does, the man is a open book, yesterday when he was flying that contraption around like a dare devil I think he was trying to impress me.” “ooh yes... very much so.” Christopher replied with a chuckle. “i hope you don't mind me asking, but do you like him?” Rose paused for a while, “come sit down Christopher.” Rose clears her throat “i trust you to keep this between you and me... yes I like him, though he is stubborn as a mule and defiant, I think half the time he does it because he is trying too act tough around me or flirt with me, but I am scared... he is a fighter pilot, I know they put you in those things expecting you to die, I count the planes and we loose more and more every day, I am just scared for his life.” “I am too... ever since he met you he seems to daydream about things, I think mostly you, we can't have him day dreaming, I am not discouraging you from liking him, pushing him away I am afraid will break his heart, in fact I think you would be good for him.” Christopher paused and then continued “if you feel you want too peruse a relationship with him, I just would like you too know I and the others approve of it.” Christopher looked at her “thank you Christopher...”
Meanwhile Richards thoughts on Rose soon stew in his mind, constantly consuming him, too the point of driving him mad, but he doesn't know what his commanding superiors will say, he doesn't know if they will approve of him having relations with his nurse, so he goes too find out, he shows up to the generals office and waits for him politely, when the General lets him into his office he is nervous and wound up tight. “Major Fusion, good afternoon, how is that shoulder.” “almost fit enough too fly sir.” he replies quickly “good! I am glad too hear, you are making a wonderful recovery, that nurse does a good job doesn't she?” “Yes sir, in fact that is what I am here to talk about...” the general takes a few puffs off of his pipe... “sit down major, what is it that you want to discuss.” Richard sits down and squeezes his fingers with his hands nervously. “i thought I would never see the day, but I don't want to make us look bad, but I like her sir, I want to take her to dinner.” the general grunts and puffs on his pipe more “Major... the fact you like that nurse is no secret, I could tell the first day something was going on in your head, my question is will this distract you from whats important?” Richard paused for a second, the general stared at him as if too grow impatient. “too be honest sir, I feel as if I am more distracted beating this around, I sincerely doubt I would be distracted once I have her.” the general paused “alright Major, fine, but if I here of any tom foolery going on, if there are any issues at all, if she at any time Is with child we are going to have some serious issues... do I make myself clear Major?” Richard nodded “yes, yes crystal sir.” “good, I trust you need nothing more?” “no that is all thank you sir.” Richard hastily replied and left excited as ever.
The only thing stopping Richard now from asking her on a date was his own nervousness, several appointments later and he was healthy as a horse, and his first combat mission in weeks was under way, a areal offensive that would be known as Eye For An Eye... Richard and the rest where getting ready, Richard was about to get into his aircraft “Sir someone would like to see you quickly.” “I cannot stop now we are about to take off.” he looked over and saw Rose “alright sweetheart, what is it?” “you almost forgot too take some of your medications!” she said impatiently “we can't just stop because of silly syrups and pills.” she looked at him with a stare of death “damn it fine...” Richard impatiently followed her too a tent, she gave him his medications with some water and he took them quickly “there happy?” “no I'm not happy.” she said “well I don't know what too say.” she grabbed him and squeezed him tightly and Richard wrapped his arms around her “you come straight home, no fooling around, and be careful with your shoulder.” Richard let her go “when I get home we will have dinner together.” she nodded “I have to go, don't worry about me, I will be fine.” she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, leaving a lipstick kiss mark on his cheek. Richard put his cap and goggles on and quickly got into his plane as they where preparing too start it “About time love bird!” Christopher taunted at the side of his plane “Leg still healing?” he asked him “yes unfortunately, ill be back up soon, buy the way...” Christopher kissed his own hand and put it on his own cheek too taunt Richard “nice lipstick lover boy...” everyone was now staring at him... “what the hell are you all looking at, lets just start the planes and get going.”
the ground crew primed each cylinder with gasoline, then rotated the engine backwards, “backwards.” the ground crew called out “backwards.” Richard replied, they then began rotating it forwards “Forwards.” the ground crew called out “Forward.” Richard replied, they stopped rotating the prop “Ready to start!” they called out “Contact!” Richard turned on the Magnetos and they flicked the prop and the plane started roaring too life... soon they where all started, Richard looked behind him, Rose was watching from a distance, he waved at her, and then took off as she waved goodbye hoping for his safe return.


The wait for Richards return was long and agonizing for Rose. “it will be OK, he will be back soon enough you will see.” her friend Emily encouraged, she simply nodded and took a drink of tea, the other nurses tried too find ways too calm her frazzled nerves, but Rose worried “hey lets play some cards while we wait for them to return.” all the nurses agreed and they sat down at the table too play cards. Poker was the game on the table “i am not good at this game.” Rose stated with a straight  face “meh... neither am I.” Emily replied “maybe we should have just played a bit of gold fish instead.” just then Rose heard a sound in the distance, then so did the rest of the nurses “well here comes some planes.” ground crews and everyone scramble too the airfield as a formation of allied fighters flies too the Airfield, as everyone comes in for a landing Richard does a roll over the airfield... “there he goes doing his foolish aerobatics again, but I am sure glad to see him home.” Richard brings his Sopwith Camel in with hardly a scratch, he rolls his plane up too the air hanger and shuts off the engine, his shoulder is slightly sore but not too bad. “how many did you down major?” one of the ground crewman asked, “Seven airplanes, one balloon.” “that's a new personal record for you!” one of the ground crewman stated with excitement “yes, its all about breaking records.” he said sarcastically with a chuckle.. Richard rubbed his shoulder and then began getting out of the plane.
Christopher was there too greet Richard warmly “How was the flight my friend?” “just dandy, downed seven and a balloon, no damage that I can see besides maybe a hole here and there, nothing serious at all.” Richard replied with a smile “your lady friend should be impressed with that.” Richard hops out of his airplane, and inspects it for any damage, none is done too the aircraft that would at all hinder its performance “We lost a couple of new ones, I hate to see the new ones go, sometimes it seems as if they never get a chance.” Christopher nodded in reply “that's just the way of this game, you learn or you don't learn...” just then Rose busted into the conversation “how is your shoulder?” “you worry too much.” Richard tells her with a grin “that's my job, I am your nurse, and this means I need too know how your shoulder is doing, so how is it?” Richard chuckled “its falling off, you better sow it back on.” Rose rolls her eyes at Richard for making the smart remark “meet me in your hospital room as soon as you can so I can have a look at it.” Richard laughed “so you can sow it back on?” he replied cheekily “ha ha very funny, just do as I say or ells.” Richard smiles “how about my quarters, Then after we can go to dinner?” Rose pauses for a second and then makes her mind up “Fine, but you are getting your shoulder checked weather you like it or not, I have to make sure you are och.” “one again you worry too much.”
Richard sits in his quarters, he relaxes in a chair drinking a cup of coffee rubbing his shoulder, he waits for rose patiently, he opens a news paper from the united states and begins reading a article that discusses the united states possible involvement in the war, and a article about war production, the article bores him, and he tosses the newspaper aside. He looks around the room for something to do, it is Obvious Richard isn't the type for just sitting around and reading, he would rather be moving about, Richard then spots the Manual for his Sopwith Camel, thinking it might be a more entertaining read than the newspaper, though he has read it a hundred times, he goes to get the news paper, just as his fingers grace the instruction manual and he begins to lift it off the small table, there is a knock a the door. As Richard opens the door Rose stands there patiently “Please come in.” he says “i trust you want me too take off my shirt? He asks “yes of coarse how am I supposed to inspect your wound if you don't silly, see through your shirt?” Richard grins. “well I thought you had that super power, so disappointing.” Richard says sarcastically with a growing grin. “smart ass.” “I would rather be a smart ass than a dumb ass...” Richard is having a good time picking on rose every chance he gets “Flirt.” Rose responds “ooh you think this is flirting?” he says “yes it is, you have been trying too grind my gears for the last several weeks because I think you enjoy seeing me flustered and worked up, perhaps I should stop getting flustered and just smile?” Richard laughs aloud “You couldn't stop getting mad, I could simply do some aerobatics over the top of the hospital wing when you are working, and you would come running out throwing things at my plane, calling it a loud, obnoxious, dirty wood and canvas contraption like you always do.” Rose simply begins taking his shirt off for him “are we getting impatient? you are taking the shirt off for me!” he says jokingly.
Then Rose does something that shocks Richard, she grabs him buy the back of the head and aggressively pulls him forward and kisses him on the lips. Richard stands stunned and stares at her, and Rose simply stands for a few seconds gazing at him with her emerald green eyes and smiles, “You know even your noisy contraption you fly around, that spews oil everywhere has a off switch, is this yours? It appears to be, I mean if that thing has a off switch you must have one, because its one of the rare few things that is more obnoxious and makes more noise than you do!” Richard hears none of her words, fireworks go off in his head “Can I have another one?” he asks “If you cooperate, maybe...” maybe if I keep talking you will do it again.” Richard says almost as if hypnotized, she sies... and continues un buttoning his shirt and removes it. “My lord even your face gets covered in that disgusting castor oil....” she looks at the wound and inspects it. “can you please sit down on your chair, you are too tall for me too inspect and clean that properly...” But Richard still has fireworks and butterflies floating around in his head, and once again pays no attention too her words, the touch of her warm gentle fingers, and the sweet sound of her voice only make things worse, the words mean nothing in his head, just a sound. “Richard, please sit...” “ooh sorry I'm off in a daze...” Richard sits down on the bed instead “good enough...” Rose says with a chuckle “perhaps that works a little too well?” “what?” Richard asks still in a trance. “i think that is a yes, let me look at the back where the bullet entered.” she gently moved him aside, the more she touches the more he floats off into daydreaming again. “Richard, do you like this?” “yes, I like it.” Richard replied in a state of detraction “now I don't know why you asked me too come here, but if you are expecting me to sleep with you the answer is no, that's just something I don't believe in.” “No no no... I am not suggesting we have intercourse, I wish too wait until I am married too the woman I am with before I have sex with her, I don't want that yet, sort of a promise I made to god.” “that's exactly what I meant.” Rose replied... “now lie down on your belly on the bed arms at your side.”
Richard did as he was instructed, and Rose made some little adjustments “its to my understanding that fighter pilots turn there head around a lot, is this true?” Richard lies on his belly unsure of what is gong on. “what exactly are you doing?” he asked “answer my question and you will see.” “that's why we wear scarves, because we turn our head so much we can chafe our neck on our coat, the scarf acts as a soft padding between our coat and our neck, and also keeps our neck warm in the winter, in the case of my airplane its also used too wipe off any oil that gets on my goggles...” “i see...” Rose replies, and begins rubbing his neck and shoulders, Richard melts into the bed, the feeling of her fingers sends him off into a daze. “this will help you relax and hopefully stay focused, I imagine if you are more comfortable you can do your job more effectively.” Richard says nothing, he simply lies there and enjoys the feeling of her fingers rubbing his neck and shoulders. “do you want me to do this softly, or do you want me to squeeze and press harder?” Richard is not paying attention at all, “Richard...” she calls softly then begins tickling under his arm which makes him jump “easy!” he says laughing “ticklish?” she asks “no I'm not!” Richard replies hastily “yes you are, now do you want me to do that squeezing and pressing more gently, or do you want me to do that pressing and squeezing hard?” “ooh so I get a choice now?” Richard says grinning “yes smarty pants you get a choice.” Rose chuckles “press firmly then.” she began pressing firmly and squeezing harder, too Richard at times it almost hurt but felt very relaxing, as if she was needing away at him Richard about fell asleep he became so relaxed. “OK all done.” Richard gently gets up. “i cannot remember the last time my neck felt this good, thank you!” “you are very welcome, now you said you where taking me to dinner?” she asked nicely “yes! Of coarse, ill be ready soon, but I can't be up too late, another mission tomorrow!” Richard stated with excitement “Don't worry simple patrol!” he responded as he saw roses face, she stared at him. “just don't do anything stupid to get yourself killed.”
Later that night, Rose did her makeup and got on a beautiful dress, the dress was a emerald green and matched her eyes, Richard put on his best uniform, and set off too pick her up, he was going to get what the boys called, “The Racer.” it was a custom built car with a Viper V8 from a crashed S.E.5, the car was the fastest on the base, and was custom built as a experimental high speed military vehicle buy the boys and the aircraft mechanics “I need the Racer boys!” he said with a smile “she is right there, just got doing some work on her...” the car was freshly polished up, it wasn't a show room looking car, more of a military hot rod “Ill bring it back as soon as I am done.” Richard exclaimed, he got the car started, and took off too see Rose. Rose could here the car coming “looks like the boys are playing with that blasted car they built again.” one of the nurses exclaimed... “ooh... its Richard.” Rose noticed it was him, and as he drove up too her she simply stared at him with one eyebrow raised, he got out of the car, brought her too it and opened the door for her, she shook her head and grinned “this makes about as much noise as your contraption!” she yelled over the engine, Richard simply smiled, put the car in gear, and grinned and glared at the direction he was about to go, he revved up the engine and dropped the clutch, the cars tires threw dirt grass everywhere the car accelerated so suddenly it made Rose scream “if you don't drive more careful I will need a new set of bloomers!” she exclaimed “ooh alright!” Richard replied almost disappointed he had to drive slower, going down the back roads at well over a horses speed engine roaring was a new experience for Rose, she soon grew to enjoy it and laughed and laughed at how things whizzed buy, as she laughed more Richard picked up the pace, they pulled into town with the car and shut it off, and picked a restaurant to have dinner.
The entire night they stared at each other Rose smiled “you look handsome tonight...” she complimented. “however well I look cannot compare to how beautiful  you are...” Richard said with a straight face, Rose blushed at the compliment “thank you.” she replied, she then reached out with her foot too touch his and Richard laughed “playing footsie are we?” she giggled “so whats it like to be a fighter pilot?” she asked “scary, not only are you putting your life on the line, but so many look up too you.” “I hear stories about this German pilot they call The Red Baron, have you seen him before?” she asked “Manfred Von Richthofen, yes unfortunately I met Jasta 11 and fought with him personally, he is exactly as they say he is, very proficient.” Richard explains his situation with Manfred, and Rose seems quite intrigued buy the story. “it was slightly earlier on in my services, my plane was even painted different, I was ranked Captian at the time.”


“After I shot him down I actually checked on him to make sure he was ok, we actually carried on a conversation, he knows a little bit of English, his brother is about as dangerous as he is, I hope I never have to meet him in the sky ever again.” he took a bite of his food “what did he say?” Rose asked “he wasn't much of a talker actually, he obviously wasn't pleased I busted up his plane, but he was pleased that I cared too check on him “not enough chivalry in this war.” he told me.” “i see...” she replied “he also was very quick too scold me for my mistake in turning inside of him giving him a easy shot, but buy that time of coarse it was too late I had done too much damage to his plane.” Rose nodded and they finished there dinner, they danced and Richard went to take her home.
Half way home it began too rain, “I am sorry about this.” Richard said and drove a little faster “Be carful its slippery!” Rose yelled at Richard just as they where almost home the car started cutting out, the engine backfired and quit and the car jerked, Richard pushed the clutch in and coasted the car aside, quickly he grabbed up Rose and put his hat on her head, but rose didn't seem too mind, she was laughing the whole time it was raining “Come on I don't want you getting sick.” Richard said picking her up off the ground “Richard put me down!” she yelled “I can walk just fine you know!” she said as he walked with her In his arms. “no I can carry you.” his shoulder began to get sore, the more he carried her the sorer it got “OK I have to put you down now... my shoulder is starting to kill me.” he puts rose down and walks her home, Rose clings tightly to him all the way, laughing and giggling, “i think that whine I got you is talking... you would usually be yelling at me about how I am going to get a cold and hurt my shoulder.” Rose chuckles “perhaps I should yell at you.” buy the time the get home the both of them are soaking wet, they walk inside roses quarters “Stay a while Richard, dry off, let me see your shoulder.” she looks at his shoulder and the wound is fine. Rose notices the way Richard looks at her and smiles “there is a fire in  your eyes Richard, what is it that you want?” “to continue too pester you through the entire night until you can't stand me anymore.” he replies, he then begins tickling her, “Stop Stop!” she yells laughing, “whats the matter don't like ti...” before he can finish his sentence Rose grabs his head again and kisses him, there lips lock and the kiss seems too last forever, Richards heart races, after the kiss Rose wraps his arms around him and snuggles up. “I can't stay long its getting late and I have to be up early tomorrow, and you need to get dried up.” Richard tells her “OK, you get home and get some rest, you need to be focused for tomorrow.” they Kiss one more time, Richard leaves, goes home, and sleeps very well.
A few days later Rose is working with a new patient, a younger fighter pilot who just got in, broke his leg crashing trying too land “Now don't act like your squadron leader, listen to what I have to say!” she barks at him “Yes mam..” he replies “you stay off that leg, just because you have a splint on it doesn't mean you can go walking on it, it needs too heal!” “Yes mam...” he replies “you silly fighter pilots are all the same, you think you are invincible or something.” then there is a knock at the door, she opens the door and Richard and the rest of Full Hand Squadron are standing with a chewed up propeller “This isn't my idea...” Richard quickly said, and Christopher began too speak “Mam we would like to present this too you, to express our appreciation “Whats this?” she asked “its the peace of my first loud and noisy contraption  you love so much.” Richard replied sarcastically. “Its the propeller from the camel he crash landed after being shot up.” David added “We would like too thank you for healing our friend, all of us, we know how stubborn and set in his ways he can be, I am sure it wasn't easy... we just want you too know we appreciate what you have done.” the fighter pilots hand her the propeller, she holds it, “The propeller is signed buy the entirety of Full Hand squadron, and anyone ells who is appreciative of your services.” Richard explained, roses eyes begin to fill with tears of joy as she looks at the prop and all the signatures on it, and smiles as she notices Richards signature has a spade on one side and a heart on the other “With love and appreciation, we present this to you.”

Richard and the rest of the gang are in town together having coffee and enjoying a meal, across town Richard sees a Jewelry shop, his mind races, the other guys don't even notice him looking in the direction, suddenly he yells out “I cant wait any longer!” and he gets up so fast the chair falls over, “Ace where the hell are you going!?” David yells “By god he is going to do it!” Christopher says “what?” Josh asks “why the hell ells do you think he is walking towards a jewelry store like a mad man after yelling he can't wait any longer?” Christopher says sarcastically, they all look at each other “well lets catch up with him!” Christopher yells, and they all go running after “Wait for us Ace!” Richard doesn't even wait... he storms into the jewelry store and the rest of them follow “get that one!” David yells “no get this one she will like this one!” Josh yells “Shut up you two let him make the choice!” Christopher tells them, Richard scans the jewelry, and finds a beautiful necklace. “How much for that one?” he asks hastily. The store clerk tells him the price and he throws a bunch of money on the counter and takes the necklace “Just keep the change!” he says and darts out of the store “He is proposing.” Christopher tells the store clerk, and then it starts, the store clerk yells good luck and then everyone in town is cheering him on! “well I should have just kept my mouth shut.” Christopher says chuckling. “I have a plan, you drive, drive fast Chris!” Richard says “Where?” He asks “Our planes, lets go!” he says impatiently “Does someone have a handkerchief?” he asks, and David hands him his, “someone have a streamer or a scarf on them?” Richard asks, David also hands him his scarf, he ties the jewelry box tightly inside the handkerchief, then ties the scarf at the end so it blows freely in the wind like A streamer... they reach the airfield and the bring the car to a skidding stop “Get my plane ready, now!” he yells at the ground crew, and they push his camel out of the hanger and start filling it with fuel, oil and ammunition “Skip the Ammo!” he orders he starts desperately putting on his flight gear.
He jumps inside the airplane with the jewelry box in the “Device.” in his pocket, the ground crew begins starting procedures “Why is he in such a haste?” the lead mechanic asks Christopher “he is proposing too his lady friend.” Christopher replies “with his airplane?” the chief mechanic asks “i guess...” the airplane gets started, and with little time at all too warm up the chucks are removed and Richard takes off with haste. “come on boys too the car!” Christopher, David and Josh jump in the car and go chasing after him as fast s the car will go, Richard preys and heads towards the hospital wing. Across the field Rose and the rest of the nurses watch the whole thing unfold from a distance “What in sam hell are those boys doing now?” one of the nurses asks “Who knows...” one of the other nurses comments. Richard speeds towards the hospital wing and circles it, Christopher brings the car to a stop from a distance “He is going too throw that jewelry box over board, he put the scarf on it as streamer so its easy too find and so it doesn't fall too fast.” Christopher pretty much knows his plan already, meanwhile in the air Richard plans how he will execute the proposal, he turns over hard left, and spots Rose looking up at him, and waves, Rose simply shakes her head and waves back chuckling “This should get her attention, or piss her off.” Richard mutters and turns the plane hard right and dives down flying over the hospital wing, and turns around, pulls the package from his pocket, and on the second pass tosses it overboard, the package falls exactly as planned, meanwhile on the ground Rose is infuriated buy the display “Damn it Richard, what the hell are you doing, keep that stupid noisy pile of junk you fly up!” she yells inflamed “Rose he tossed something overboard.” one of the nurses spots the package “This had Damn well better be good, or when he puts that plane down, I am going too take his head and shove it up his ass!” she yells in anger.
Richard waits for the reply circling patiently, meanwhile in the car the boys wait patiently “What are we looking for here?” David asks smoking a cigar, “wait and see...” Christopher says “I think its inside the handkerchief.” one of the nurses comments “yep...” Rose opens the handkerchief furiously, and then opens the box, too find the beautiful gemstone silver necklace, for her time seems to stop as the gemstones shimmer in the sunlight. “Rose, it comes with a letter.” one of the nurses hands her the letter

“Dear Rose, I couldn't wait any longer, this is been on my mind for quite some time now, now that we have known each other for quite a while now, I feel confident we can spend the rest of our lives together, but it is up too you now Rose...  if you want my hand in Marriage, simply wave, but otherwise you can just walk away if you like.”

Rose closes the letter and chokes and her eyes fill with tears, she looks up at Richard impatiently waiting circling over the field, time seems too stop now for him, “Oh what the hell.” Rose says choked up, and waves, Richard hoots and hollers loud enough you could about hear him over the engine... he does barrel rolls and loops as he heads back too the field, “i guess that was a yes!” Christopher yells excited “well he did it.” David cheers. Rose begins walking over too the car, despite the kind gesture she is still infuriated buy the method of the delivery, she walks up too the boys in there car “Would you mind taking me too him?” at this time Richard was making an approach for landing hastily... “sure can.” Christopher says, they speed over to Richard as fast as the car will go, buy the time they reach him he is hastily removing his gear, he stops when he sees rose, his eyes filled with tears of joy and excitement he walks over too her as she gets out of the car, but Rose is still infuriated, she gets out of the car looks at him cross for a few seconds, and then slaps him across the face “Dont you EVER! Do that again!” she said, then she grabbed him up and held him close burrying her face in his chest... Christopher gives him a thumbs up, and the other boys look on as she holds him tight “Ace, I think this is your biggest victory yet...” Richard paused “I will have to agree.”

The Marriage is held a month later in the airfield, not too long after the war ends.

The End
it has been a long time since i have been on this website, it has been difficult for me to do anything art or writing related, so not much has been posted, but i have picked up on writing again so here i am. 


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